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San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition Website Design

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  • San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition Website Design

San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition Website Design

This was a pro-bono website that we offered to make for a local non-profit website. We, like the rest of the internet like cats, so we thought making a website would be the most effective way to help the cats. We designed and developed this website for the client; we did put a special emphasis on making the website easy to update as the old website was very difficult to update and could only be done by one person.  Also the organization members were a bit older and less familiar with computer so making the CMS easy to use was critical. The entire board of the organization was happy with the website design and ease to make updates.

This is a fully custom built PHP CMS systems. It was also built using responsive design CSS…. at the time that was just emerging and to do this service for most people would cost a premium. The website includes a random FAQ on the sidebar, newsletter sign-up, lots of cat tips, an update-able image slider, donate functions, pop-up data, news feed, accordions to organize content, and a contact form.