Helping Out the Heidi Search Center

The Heidi Search Center is a non-profit organization that helps children get out of dangerous situation where they have been separated from loved ones. They are all very hard working and I wanted to help them in my own way.

I recently updated and improved the design of their Digital DNA Kit’s design. I think the alignment and spacing changes will functionally make it easier for people to fill on their information in a legible size. I also added in digital input fields into their PDF to allow for an even easier experience with filling out the form and further reduced risk of inputting incorrect information or mis-reading information in the form.

This was not an art project, but it still needed to look visually appealing. I kept focused on the goal of making this form easy to fill out for parents in this valuable method of prevention for child-abduction.

If you want to check out the form, download it below:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

I have done this design pro-bono to help them. If you have a special skill or have enough finances to give, you can donate to this hard-working cause on their website:

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