San Antonio Snowday

It does not snow much here in San Antonio. There have been a few light dustings on the outskirts of the city, but there has not been enough snow for snowpeople since before I was born!

In light of that, I snapped a few shots of neighborhood snowmen, and one northside snowwoman. I also included a few photos of naturescapes as I drove or walked around. Please enjoy!

Snowperson 1

Approximately 2 feet. This neighbor, while being from up north, was trying to build their snowperson on the cement. While standing outside and viewing the snow, i noticed that all of the snow collections were on the plants and anything hitting the driveways, streets, and walkways was melting! It seemed prudent to move the snowperson of the sidewalk and onto the grass, so the neighbor girl took this advice. 

Snowperson 2

This is a 3 segment snowperson. I’d say it was maybe 18 inches.

Snowperson 3

This was maybe a 12 inch snowperson, but I got a kick out of the pumkin from Halloween being about the same size as the snowperson.

This area had not as much snow as the northern parts of Bexar county.

Snowwoman 4

I did not get to photograph this snowwoman immediately. I think 2 days had passed. The construction of this snowwoman was great though, all of the snow in San Antonio melted, but this anomilous neighborhood off TPC parkway had the most snow in Bexar county. It was easily 4 feet tall, if not 5 feet. This snowwoman shrank over the next day or so, condensing and exposing the dirt and grass. It seemed to last the longest in lifespan across the neighborhood.


(Above) this is a photo of my back yard at night. (I tried to cover my fruit tree but the covering blew off).

This is a photo of the forest behind my backyard in the morning. Since I have minimal encounters with snow, it was quiet amazing to see no movement at all in the woods. As soon as the warm, yellow run rays began to hit the cool blue woods, birds seemed to hop around with joy in the warmth.

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