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Website Design

Homepage Design for the Saddle Light Center

Homepage Design for the Saddle Light Center

It’s pretty much a requirement for all businesses have a great website but to have a great website design, you will need a great locally based San Antonio website designer.

Choosing a website designer in San Antonio can be an overwhelming effort but it won’t have to be if you go with our professional website design services. Concept Incarnate™ will bring a tremendous wealth of knowledge and website design experience to the table and manage your website design project to make sure it as stress-free as possible.

Designing a worth-while website involves knowledge of your audience goals to be achieved by visiting the website, value you would like to get out of your website as a small business and knowledge of cutting edge website coding techniques, while also having a designers eye for creating graphics that really appeal to your target audience to.

Are you ready to stop working so hard for your website and to let it work for you? Are you ready for your website to actually bring in sales?  We can help.

Why Choose Us as Your local, San Antonio Website Designer?

At Concept Incarnate, we will survey your business needs and goals, and craft a website design that appeals to your audience. We will make sure all elements of the website carry their weight and enhance the goals of your business. We don’t design websites that simply look ‘cool’ but bring no value to your company. As an ethical website design company in San Antonio, we give you the power to update your website on your own but offer assistance when you are too busy to take care of it by yourself… unlike other companies who require you to go through them at set fees for updates.

We will never sell you a pre-made website template that we bought for 50 bucks; we respect the art of web design too much to do this. We will always customize the website to fit exactly to your own business needs. We don’t believe is forcing your business goals to fit someone else’s template.

As a locally based website designer, you won’t have to wait for time to pass for outsourced website design to take place on another continent. You can meet us in-person and know you can trust that we will take care of you.

All of our website include the following features:

  • Responsive Design (desktop / mobile compatible)
  • Custom Designed to fit Your Business Goals
  • Easy to Update Using WordPress as your CMS
  • Marketing-Goal Driven Design
  • Increased Security
  • Social Media Integration
  • Easy to Assign and Delegate User Roles to Staff

Optional Features that Your Website Can Have

  • Blogging
  • Job Posting and Applications
  • Media Galleries
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Reservation System for Restaurants or Hotels
  • SEO Foundation
  • Custom Portfolio Display
  • Event Calender and Ticket Sales
  • Full Online Shopping Cart/ eCommerce

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Anyone can make A website, but will it be a website design that increases your sales?

We know there are a lot of design companies that offer website design but their quality will not match the quality you will get from us. DIY design builders won’t be conscious of your business and marketing goals. Non-local designers to San Antonio will not be in touch with your local audience base.

Design is a process and you won’t get any value from a website that is generated overnight.

We work with you for the best possible website design, plus give you tips and help in addition to our website design services. Depending on your situation, we may be able to help you find a new website hosting provider, create email accounts, give you social media advice and point you in the right direction for other web-based needs. It’s more of a comprehensive web presence effort, rather than just giving you ‘a’ website.

All of our websites are designed to look good and be easy to updated by non-technical people. We offer support to clients after a website has been launched to answer questions about how to make updates if needed.

Foremost, we want to make sure your website works for you, not the other way around.

What is Our Website Design Process?

As much as we would like the creative process to be completely linear, it sometimes is not. Most of these steps will contribute to the following step (Step A to be finished before Step B), but there may be a few steps that overlap on each other in the process, like the Content Generation Phase may be done simultaneously as we are working on the design. The Photography phase may also overlap on the design and development phases.

Creative Discovery

As with all design projects, we will need to establish goals for your website, define your target audience and identify graphics (fonts, colours shapes and textures) that appeal to your audience and support your goals. We will go through a creative discovery phase to do this. The creative discovery phase will consist of a creative survey to be filled out at the beginning of the project, competitive research and design research for references to other websites that may inspire us and open up dialogue between the client and designer about creative expectations. This is also an opportunity for the client to reveal any creative visions that they may want to bring to the table.

Create Site Map

We will discuss the anticipated web pages for the website and the relationship of the pages. For example, there may be an About page, and children pages of this page may be Our Team and Jobs. In your website proposal, we will typically provide a rough site map for your review and consideration. After the project kick-off, we will refine the list of pages to be built. This phase may take 1-2 back and forth emails or conversations to clearly identify the pages that you really want on your site.

Content Generation

You will generate content that will support the pages defined in the site map. At this point, we may find we need to add or delete a page or two from the site map; it will be fine to do so. Content generated by the client should be submitted in text or MS Word document to the designer; file names should indicate the page the content should be placed on.

A highly recommend option, we can offer professional copy writing consultations and assistance if you need help generating and editing copy. Keep in mind, you will need to be able to answer questions and give the copywriter(s) something to work from; they are not mind readers (yet)! It’s always best for an experienced writer, who is also new to your subject matter, to take an objective look at your text to figure out if it is clear, concise and coherent.

Either route you chose, you WILL be able to update your copy after the website launch. Don’t get overly stressed out about having only one shot at getting your copy right.

Website Design

I will provide you with two different homepage designs, with the sample content in place. These will be flat artwork made in a design program. You can pick which design that you like the most from the two options. You may request two rounds of design updates to the selected design. After the homepage design is selected, a secondary page will be designed; two rounds of design changes may be requested from the secondary page design. When both designs are finalized, development can start.


Custom Professional Photography

Due to the nature of your business, it may be best to use custom photography. Keep in mind, real photos speak a lot better than stock when trying to describe your business, so we highly recommend this option! Depending on the scale of your needs, 1 or more photographers may be needed. Websites heavier in photography should prepare to have a budget for such needs.

Stock Photo Licensing

Also due the the nature of your business, custom photography may not be an option. We will work with you to find the right stock photos for your website.

DIY Photography

We don’t recommend this route for most clients. Unless you had some photographic training, the photos you may take yourself won’t best represent the value your company can bring through photography; this is the honest truth… but don’t worry… stock photos may be your best friend that you just haven’t met yet. 🙂


We will convert the design file into the working website. The website will use responsive CSS, which will make it easy for mobile phones to render the website. The website will be built on WordPress, a free, open-source CMS. We will make sure to use all techniques to keep the website easy to update by yourself. We will use basic SEO techniques to help people on Google searches.

Client Review

There will be a time period for you to review your website before launching. This will allow you to review content and final touches. If any final edits are needed, they can be done here. There should not be a complete design overhaul at this stage. Tweaks or edits to the website text may be submitted to me so that we may apply those changes. Edits should not exceed a set hours of changes that will be stated in your proposal.


We will train you how to login and update content using WordPress with an in-person training session. The session should be limited to hours in your proposal for a maximum of a specified number of representatives from your business.

As an added courtesy, for a period of a time set in your proposal post-launch, you may submit brief questions about content maintenance via email. Questions should be limited to a nature of how to update content within the existing templates and using the functionality as delivered by the designer. Maintenance question response time should not total more than hours specified in your computer. The goal here is that we want to you be comfortable editing your website and be able to maintain in so it can keep looking good post launch!

If many people need to update the website or you want the peace of mind of being able to update the website after your content manager moves on, we can offer additional services of a printed/digital training manual.

Launch Website

We will launch the website so that the public can view it, provided that you have authorized us to do so! This may be able to be done at the in-person training session, depending on your set-up.

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