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Logo Design

We especially love providing stellar logo design services small businesses in San Antonio as it can be one of the best investments for the company if it is done right.

(Spoiler: Anyone CAN make A logo, but that won’t mean it will be a logo that will bring value to your company.)

What Makes a Good Logo Design?

A good logo is your opening act in creating your story and connecting with your audience.

A logo, good or bad, sets the tone for all of the branding for your company. It needs to be simple, unique and adaptable. Your logo should be able to shrink down to 1/2 inch for applications like business, but interesting enough and detailed enough to look good at large scale applications, like billboards and banners. A good logo should also be able to work in black and white, and in colour options. A really good logo will add value to your company through brand recognition and better company perception based off of the logo.

A good logo can easily last you 10 years and will only appreciate in value as your company grows.

Imagine the upfront investment of your logo design bringing value to you for a span of 10 years? A good logo design really sets the image and branding perception for your business and we think it is too important to overlook having a logo professionally designed from the start.

Read more about Characteristics of Well Designed Logos here.

What Makes Us Different from Other Logo Designers in San Antonio?

At Concept Incarnate™, we don’t resell you someone else’s stock icon as a logo at a marked up price; we value logo design too much to do this to anyone.

We listen to your business goals, desired image and anticipated value that your logo will bring to you. We also won’t quickly doodle the first thing that comes to mind and sell it to you; logo design is a process and takes time to create something of value for your business.

We create ideas for you by hand-sketch which results in a higher quality logo that we can deliver to you. Too many ‘designers’ in San Antonio jump straight to a computer to design a logo and miss creative opportunities that could have been explored by sketching the logo;

We offer an exclusive usage copyright license to your artwork; this ensures that your unique logo will not be re-sold to one of your competitors. Pricing for copyright assignment is also available per your request.

Every business is different, so you will have to ask us for pricing for a logo design for your particular needs.

Logo Design Process

As much as we would like the creative process to be completely linear, it sometimes is not. Since most small businesses have not commissioned a professional logo before, they often wonder what to expect. The following is a description of the steps or phase that you should expect when we create a logo for your business.

Creative Discovery

As with all design projects, we will need to establish goals for your logo, define your target audience of your business and identify ideas that appeal to your audience and support your goals. We will need to identify what your core services are and what makes you different from the competition. We will also have to know your desired perception for your company. The creative discovery phase will consist of a creative survey to be filled out at the beginning of the project, competitive research and design research for references to other logos that may inspire us and open up dialogue between the client and designer about creative expectations. This is also an opportunity for the client to reveal any creative visions that they may want to bring to the table.

Design Phase

Concept Incarnate will review all of the information learned at the creative discovery phase and get the the drawing boards, literally. We will start sketching out ideas; combining letters, ideas, icons and reviewing and refining. Internally, we will identify the best ideas for logos that we come up with and refine them even more.

We then internally decide the best logo options for your presentation and give you only great choices of logo to cherry pick from. Depending on your needs, we may present the sketches to you for review or digitize the ideas and then present those to you. Generally, we like to show you 3 good and DIFFERENT logo ideas to choose from.


From there, we will get your feedback, you will choose a logo direction to go with, then we will make more refinements to the logo. We will present you the refined logo to make sure that you are happy with the shape of the logo. Until this point, your logo will probably only be in black and white; we like to do this so that you can stay focused on the shape or outline of the logo. Concept Incarnate will then present colour options as applied to your logo for your review. There may be a few cycles of feedback here but we should be able to get to a final logo at this time.

Logo Cheat Sheet and Project Close-Out

We can create a small logo cheat sheet, as may be included in a corporate style guide, which describes the optimal distance for the logo to other objects, how to handle the logo, and the colour values used in the logo. We will transfer the design files to you in multiple formats to allow for you to use the image in your business desktop programs and higher qualities of the file for printers to use on banners and collateral.

In most cases, you will find after professionally designing your logo, you may want to come back to use for a branding style guide, business card design, or perhaps a letterhead design.

Here are some articles to help you in your search for a logo designer in San Antonio:

We know this is an important investment for your business and we take it as seriously as you do.

We do hope you pick us. We know that we can offer you the best value for logo design in this neck of the Texas woods… or rather, brush.


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