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Graphic Design

Why is Graphic Design so Important?

Graphic design itself can be applied to almost anything you print or publish. A good design can give your audience a perceived added value and respect. A design that doesn’t measure up can lead to your audience looking elsewhere for business.

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Why Hire a Professional Graphic Designer?

Graphic design is NOT a purely aesthetic effort. All of the colours, fonts, textures, shapes, shape of the paper and folds of your paper contribute to curating a desired perception from your audience. Creating a good graphic design is something that should be thought of from phase one of any project. As soon as you have a need for something to be designed, you should contact a designer. They may have suggestions to enhance your idea before going to far in a less impactful direction and they may be able to help you come up with something that had not even crossed your mind.

That is what we hope to do at Concept Incarnate™. We will certainly create a vision that you have in mind for design work but we will also give you suggestions and alternatives that may be unexpected. We are hoping to have an objective view about your design project that may be difficult to see if you are too close to your own brand; we do this because we have a goal of giving to the best design possible.

Don’t limit your design to the capabilities of your own software; let a professional create a comprehensive and cohesive design that evokes the desired emotions and actions out of your target audience. Even though anyone can design, not all design brings the same value to your brand. Hiring a professional graphic designer means hiring someone who knows colour theory, typography, layout design, marketing and how to manipulate all aspects of your design, including what your design is printed on, for the best return on your investment.

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What Do We Design?

In all honestly, we can design most anything that needs to look good and bring value to your company, but here is a list of some printed collateral that we can design:

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Business Card Design

Looking for a specialty paper that just is not offered with your online printer? Looking for a design that speaks the personality of your company? Let us design your next set of business cards.

Letterhead Design

Looking for clients to perceive you as more professional and trustworthy? We can offer unique letterhead and envelope designs for your business.

Brochure & Flyer Design

Brochures can be incredibly creative and memorable. There are far more options that you can consider that are not offered by online printers. Different folds, different papers, creative cutting of your paper and of coarse, stellar designs with calls-to-action that bring in sales to your company.

Invitation Design

Looking to impress your audience? With a professionally designed invitation for your next corporate event, you can.

Environmental Graphics

Need a poster  of banner designed for your next trade show? Make sure to give your audience the right impression with a professional design.

Branding Style Guides

Need to maintain your corporate among your team of marketers and vendors? We can develop a branding style guide to document the guidelines of layout, font selections, colours, and verbiage to be used to maintain a consistent look and voice for your brand.

Poster Design

Need a poster designed for your next event? Let us get the message across with the right colour and font choices.

Booklet & Internal Documents Design

Show your employees that you value and respect them while reducing the chances of internal mis-communications by having your employee guidelines, policies and other internal documents professionally designed.



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