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Project Case Study

Alley Flats Website Design

The Challenge

This client had an existing website, but it was not keeping up with modern technology. It was not mobile compatible and it looked rather small on a larger screen. The client wanted to better showcase their available housing units to people. Their organizational goal was to create affordable housing for people in Austin, and the website was not effectively supporting this goal.


Concept Incarnate produced two unique homepage design concepts for this client. Due to the ‘weirdness’ of Austin, we know we would be able to to be more dramatic with the design, and play it less safe. We were happy to offer them a side-navigation style website, which they loved. We also took the time to make sure that the available floor plans of the house models would be viewed by custom designing a post-type, just for this; it allowed for a gallery and standard information, like square footage.

Why Concept Incarnate was the Best Choice

This was a fun project, because it let us show our trendy design skills due to the Austin based target audience.

Why We Chose This Project

We were excited to create a website that needed a custom post type. Not all clients have a need, or a budget for this, so we were able to give this client the best solution possible, and keep our coding skills sharp.