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Concept Incarnate is Updating Our Own Brand!

It’s been a while since we have worked on our own graphics, like the classic mechanic too busy to fix his own car. We have updated out logo to a very sleek, clean and simplified combination of the letter C and a light bulb and we are hoping it will be recognized by LogoLounge or LogoPond. We have updated our contracts and the layout of our contracts for better scope and responsibility clarity and are working on updating the website design, letterhead, business cards and brochures.

Please look forward to these updates to roll out in the next few months!


Ellice Sanchez

About Ellice Sanchez

With six years experience in design, Ellice has done work for clients such as San Antonio Parks and Recreation, the City of San Antonio, Delicious Tamales, The US AirForce, Christus Santa Rosa, the University Health Systems, Sunset Station, Sushi Zushi Corporation of Texas, San Antonio Conservation Society, NIOSA, the San Antonio International Airport Concession, Representative Ivory Taylor, the Vidorra Condominiums, American GI Forums National Veterans Oureach Program, Republic National Distributing Company, Lifetime Fitness, Mr. W Fireworks, the RK Group, Pape-Dawson Engineers and other companies, working on projects ranging from signage, business cards, content management, design support, website design and coding, flyers, billboards and e-blasts.

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