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Join the Team

Concept Incarnate is a start up business but we have big plans. Right now we only have contracting opportunities but we hope with gained momentum to hire employees in the future.

We will have a really relaxed environment, casual dress, and flexible hours. Working from home is an option as long as you can have the self-discipline to meet all of your deadlines on time.

We don’t see a point in  having a business that people are not happy to work for; our true goal is employee happiness.

In fact, our bottom line is employee happiness, not excessive profit margins. We just have to remember that we can’t have happy employees if, as a business, we are not staying afloat with the bills and expenses.

In the meanwhile, if you would like to work with us, check out our contracting opportunities. These are for an as needed basis and do not have a set or guaranteed amount of hours.

Also, we will not call you an employee. You are not here to suffer or slave away (check out the definition of employment as defined by the Texas Workforce Commission). You are a team member, because we succeed, fail, grow and learn together.

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